ACET made easy.

  • The NCUA has released two new supervisory priorities for cybersecurity in 2020.
    Supervisory Priorities
    • Rolling out ACET maturity assessments to credit unions
    with assets between $100-250m.

    • Evaluating critical security controls during annual examinations between maturity assessment for credit unions who performed an ACET assessment in before this year.


ACET for smaller institutions.

  • Maximize Impact
    A core focus of TraceSecurity will always be enabling smaller institutions, constrained by budget and limited resources, to maximize the impact of their cybersecurity program.
  • Align with Standards
    As with all our solutions, we have intentionally designed our ACET services to align with the standards demanded by regulatory requirements and the operational abilities of our customers with fewer assets.

Already performed
an ACET assessment?

TraceSecurity has built upon our existing assessment services to include
the evaluation of critical security controls for credit unions who have already performed a maturity assessment in the years between ACET requirements.

Our services ensure you meet your annual independent testing and
assessment requirements while proactively implementing the new
ACET standards as they continue to evolve.